What’s A Waist?

What’s A Waist?

What is a waist and where is my waist? Learning about you waist is an important part of waist training. Many people get confused about where there waist is and how to measure it. To start off, your waist is the part of the abdomen between the rib cage and hips. On people with slim bodies, the waist is the narrowest part of the torso. The waistline refers to the horizontal line where the waist is narrowest, or to the general appearance of the waist.


How do I measure my waist?

Taking your waist measurement is easy when done the right way. The only thing you will need a soft measuring to get started. Follow the steps below.
Step 1.
Remove your shirt or raise to just below your chest. To get an accurate measurement your waist, you need to remove any layers of clothing blocking your waist.

Step 2.
Find your waist. Use your fingers to find the top of your hips and the base of your rib cage. Your waist is the section between these two bony parts. It will also be the narrowest part of your torso.

Step 3.
Take your measurement. Hold the end of the tape measure at your navel and bring it around your waist to the front. The measuring tape should be parallel to the floor and fit comfortably around your torso without digging into your skin.

Step 4.
Read the tape. Look at the place on the tape where the zero end meets the other end of the tape measure. The location of this meeting point is your waist measurement.
Now that you have your waist measurement! You are ready to start waist training with our custom cut waist trainers. Take a starting measurement and re-measure once a month to keep track of your results. You can start seeing result in as little as two weeks.

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