What is Waist Training?

What is Waist Training?

Waist training has been around since the mid-19th century in the form of tightly-laced corsets. Today waist training can be achieved many different ways, from the classic corset to more contemporary waist cinchers. A cincher is similar to corsets, considering they both provide compression to the abdomen area and both are used to reduce the waist size, but there are differences. The main difference is that a corset compresses to make the waist conform to the shape of the corset, while cinchers compress and conform to the shape of your natural waist.


The main benefit that most people seek from waist training is a smaller waist, but did you know there are many other benefits to waist training?

1. Back and core support

Wearing a waist trainer is like having super core and back muscles in the sense that it holds your body upright in it’s natural, healthy position that it’s supposed to be in. It’s hard to tell from just looking at it on a photo, but weather you’re sitting or standing, waist trainers offer superior support for your back and core, creating perfect posture.

2. Confidence!

Don’t underrate the value of increasing your self confidence! Self confidence is the performance booster that can help you perform better at an important job interview, motivate you to workout more, or increase your overall self esteem. For some people, their waist area is a source of insecurity and the instant and long term results of wearing a waist trainer is a great way to get your waist out of the way of your personal goals.

3. A small waist is a good indication of great health

A research done in Europe found that adults with wide waists face a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and also cancer. Other problems are also associated with having a wider waist like lower back pain and difficulty doing everyday activities like tying shoes, ordinary hygiene and grooming, and tying shoe laces. This Waist trainers can greatly benefit in all of these areas.

4. Job opportunities?!

That’s right, a smaller waist can actually mean more opportunity for you career wise. Your waist must be a certain size to be accepted into military branches. The military does a fitness exam before they accept you and one of the requirements is for your waist to be within a certain size range in relation to your height.

Is it for you?

Waist trainers are good for losing permanent inches off your waist over time or if you want instant temporary results to fit better into your jeans for a day. Women of all ages can use these, although we don’t usually suggest anyone under the age of 18 to use them, as adolescent bodies are still growing. Waist training requires discipline and commitment that will help you achieve positive results in your figure and posture. For best results waist train with a healthy diet, lots of water and exercise regular to maintain your new waist!

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