Why Waist Training is Here to Stay

Why Waist Training is Here to Stay

While it has recently experienced a resurgence in pop culture, waist trainers have been around for centuries, commonly referred to as corsets. With advancements in technique and technology, using a waist cincher to reduce inches in your waist is much safer and less expensive than it previously was. Today, latex is used for it’s versatility, firm fit, and durable build.

The stretchy property of latex, when sized properly, gives the same compression effect as a corset’s rear lacing but much easier to control and keep from over tightening. So, with waist cinchers (another name for waist trainers) being around for centuries, they have stood the test of time right alongside another essential shaper, the bra. Bras serve almost the exact same purposes, shaping the body and smoothing the curves, while giving support for everyday use and active use (workout, sport), and they have been used for centuries as well. So how did waist trainers lose their place in the wardrobe? Changes in culture and fashion placed waist trainers/cinchers/corsets on the less popular side of fashion, and one main reason for that was because they were so tight and restricting. Fast-forward to today, and tiny waists are desired again. The difference is, waist trainers today are much more comfortable, versatile, and functional than they used to be, eliminating the problems of restriction and discomfort from the past. This actually allows for more control and use from your garment and serves as an enhancement to the shaping that a bra already provides, instantly giving you an even more natural looking and curvier figure without the need for invasive surgery or risky procedures. Many women are wearing cinchers daily to achieve permanent results, and some just for shaping.

With waist trainers being more comfortable and advanced than ever before, be sure that they’re more than just a trend for the moment. Waist trainers are here to stay as a staple in shapewear for men and women.


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