Waist Training Guide

Waist Training Guide

What Waist strongly recommends that all of our customers visit us at one of our locations to be sized and fitted by a specialist, but in the event you cannot, we have a convenient sizing guide to help with your purchase on our online store. The fit of your waist trainer selection greatly depends on your body shape, so choosing the appropriate trainer according to your body shape is the best option available for online purchases. We determine your body shape by the proportion of your bust, waist and hip in relation to each other.  All waist trainers are not built equally, and they are not “all models fit all”. Buying the wrong kind of waist trainers can not only be a waste of money but it can cause harm to your body. At What Waist, we do all thing waist training. We know exactly what kind of trainers fit perfectly with your body type because we fit hundreds of women like you daily. Allow What Waist to help you begin and continue your waist training journey!

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