Waist Trainers: Only for working out?

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Waist Trainers: Only for working out?

A waist trainer is one of the most versatile and essential things you need to have in your wardrobe. Like a bra, waist trainers help the body to maintain and enhance it’s shape by supporting and even reshaping without any need for risky, invasive surgeries. They make you sweat and maximize your workouts, giving you permanent results to smooth your curves and actually give you that tight, sexy silhouette that you’re trying to get. In other words, it’s no gimmick.

But what if you just want shapewear for one night? Contrary to popular believe, waist trainers can be used as just shapewear. Let’s face it, no matter how many health and fitness gurus you hear ranting and raving about how “waist trainers are not a fix all solution”, people will still use them to wear once a week for an outing to the club, formal event or just to the mall. Honestly, waist trainers should be used according to your lifestyle. They’re like a best friend, because it will always be there when you need it. If you’re ready to have the workout of your life and sweat those inches off, then waist trainers will be ready for you. But, if you just want to use it to go to the club, that’s okay too. Buying two for versatility is a great way to ensure you always have one ready for working out and one to smooth and accent your natural shape for going out.

Khloe Kardashian in jeans and a t shirt wearing black latex waist trainer cincher underneath her clothes as a shaper for shapewear

Khloe Kardashian using her waist trainer as a shaper

People are using waist trainers in he way that fits them best for several types of occasions, making no use right or wrong. Use it however you’re comfortable, but do keep in mind that if your main goal is to lose those inches off your waist, working out with your trainer is the quickest route to those permanent results if that’s what you’re working to achieve. Train on your own terms for your own results.

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