Shop a selection of accessories that pair perfectly with your waist trainers and shapewear

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    Experience the difference. The Define belt gives you the support and coverage of a classic waist trainer with the flexibility and adjustability of a sweat belt. Feel free from constriction as you do ab workouts comfortably in a waist trainer for the first time ever. The Define belt can be worn during high-intensity workouts, cardio, and abdominal exercises as well as daily training use. It features a zip-up fastener and adjustable elastic velcro straps for different levels of compression. Other features include:
    • Heat trapping material
    • Woven latex with cotton lining that absorbs sweat
    • Full midsection coverage that covers all stubborn abdominal fat
    • Helps relieve back pain
    • Supports your core and back during work-outs
    • Built for comfort (no boning hurting your back)
    • easy-to-use zipper
    • No rolling
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    This strapless, backless bra is shaped to cup and hold you perfectly without the need for shoulder and back straps for support. This results in a completely concealed cleavage booster that's perfect for any occasion. It works by using a light adhesive for grip and drawstrings to pull your bust together for perfect cleavage.
    • Backless and strapless design
    • Skin-safe adhesive that doesn't pull out hair
    • Provides cleavage enhancement with adjustable drawstrings
    • Seamless
    • Apply to clean, dry skin before moisturizers, powders, deodorants, or perfumes and adjust to your comfort
    • Reusable
    Care -Hand wash with mild soap and water -Air dry -Apply original plastic to keep debris off adhesive
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    Our reduction gel uses an exclusive formula that's fortified with three moisturizing and age defying ingredients (marine algae, aloe vera, caffeine) to tighten the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks on the belly area. Use Reduction Gel with a wrap or waist trainer and maintain your beautiful waist.