What is the difference between a Corset and a Waist Trainer?

What is the difference between a Corset and a Waist Trainer?

A corset is a garment worn to hold and contour the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes. They are typically made out of a flexible material such as cloth or leather. Waist training corsets have spring steel boning inserted into channels.


Corsets are held together by lacing, usually at the back. When training your waist using corsets lacing, you are pulling your ribs far beyond their natural point causing your internal organs to shift in order to adjust to the corsets constriction. This can cause health problems including elevated blood pressure, uterine prolapse caused by the pressure, constipation, headaches, acid reflux, difficult breathing and broken ribs. This is a very extreme method of waist training and should not be taken lightly!


What Waist trainers on the other hand are undergarments made of latex and spiral or plastic boning. The spiral steel boning provides a healthy alternative to spring steel boning because it flexes with your body and does not restrain you, or cause your ribs to shift position. Unlike corsets, What Waist trainers have rows of interlocks in the front that secure you safely without that damaging effects of corsets lancing. What Waist trainers works by targeting your fat cells to help you achieve curves and reduce your waist line. When worn properly what waist trainer have no health risks.

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