Blue Leopard Slim Sport Girdle Now Only $69.00 ON SALE!

Blue Leopard Slim Sport Girdle Now Only $69.00 ON SALE!

Train your waist with What Waist Trainers!

Made with side rods for extra abdomen control and correction of posture; Internally latex to ensure control of the abdomen and achieve reduction measures in the abdominal area; Lined internally with lycra to avoid irritating the skin and covered with cloth outside with design.

Our waist trainers are professionally engineered to retain body heat in the waist area to remove excess water weight during exercise and are great to use for muscle recovery, sports, and weight loss. What Waist trainers also Improve circulation and facilitates metabolism of the abdominal helping you burn more calories. Our trainers also help to detoxify your immune system by increasing your perspiration to rid the body of toxins. This trainer helps you get the figure you always wanted by instantly lifting, shaping and slimming the body and flattening your stomach which accents your waist, and hips and controls and slims the waistline and abdomen. All of these factors combined are key in your journey to lose 6 inches or more off your waist!

While supplies last!

Free Shipping On All Orders!

We are so excited to announce that we are now offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders inside the US! Shop Now to see the other savings in store!

For more information about our specialty waist trainers please contact us or stop by our locations. You can also shop online or schedule a private fitting! To find out more about the benefits of waist training checkout our About and FAQ pages.

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