I started my healthy lifestyle journey in 2009. The heaviest I’ve ever been was 269. When I first started working out it was very difficult to stay consistent with my eating habits and working out. I faced so many obstacles whether it be career, financial stability, relationships (family, friends, significant other), etc… You name it there were always a bumps in the road. Then one day I said I have to stop trying to satisfy others and put myself first. With the help of personal trainers, waist trainers, self motivation I was able to drop 92 pounds. I researched different workout techniques and the right foods to eat and this lead me to getting my certification to be a personal trainer to help others with their healthy lifestyle journey. Since then I haven’t looked back. I still face obstacles but I’ve never been happier doing exactly what I love to do. Health and fitness has transferred into so many aspects of my life. It has helped me get over those hurdles and I want to encourage others to do the same.